About Us

With the announcement of the Price Transparency Rule in 2020, the team at Oncospark was committed to produce a tool that would be useful and meaningful to all healthcare entities. The team is involved in all aspects, shaping and strategy building, of the paradigm shift to Value based Care and risk share models. This cannot be done without the first step of getting data, which the Price Transparency Rule required the hospitals to post on their website.

The combined clinical and administrative expertise of the team had one goal to make the data meaningful and relational. With this proven experience, we know that it is not about who is right or wrong, but about bridging clinical cost/spend gaps to outcome. Understanding the history of healthcare payments from DRGs to Fee for FFS is the key to doing this. EvaluPrice is not only a tool but a team that can assist patients, providers, and payers to build effective strategies with value, transparency, and viability in mind.

As a company, the team has assisted over 500 clients in healthcare navigate the financial network of coverage, authorization, billing, and workflow optimization around financial strategy.

We understand that in healthcare the data is a mystery and often unclear. The goal of Evaluprice is to bring things into focus for all of those involved in the patient care path.